Physicians and Provider Participants

Physicians & Provider Participants

Becoming a Doylestown Healthcare Partnership Member

There are two levels of membership to consider when joining Doylestown Healthcare Partnership. Physicians may have an equity interest by signing the Operating Agreement, or join in the clinical-integration activities by signing the Participation Agreement. Copies of both agreements are available by completing an Doylestown Healthcare Partnership information request form or by calling 215-345-2049.

Operating Agreement

To become a full member of DHP and have full clinical and financial interest in the network, physicians must meet the investment requirement and sign an Operating Agreement. The Operating Agreement provides for a future capital call if approved by the Managing Committee. The hospital matches all physician investments. Physicians hold membership status as individuals, but physician practices may make the investment on behalf of its individual partners.

Physicians who sign the Operating Agreement must also sign the Participation Agreement.

Participation Agreement

Some physicians opt for DHP affiliation through the Participation Agreement only. Among this group are specialists and sub-specialists who are employed by large physician practices or who are aligned with specialty hospitals. While an individual business agreement may prohibit a financial interest in DHP, the participant’s interest in clinical integration for the delivery of high-quality healthcare is similar to DHP’s mission. Non-physician entities, such as skilled nursing facilities and pharmacies, may be considered for alignment through the Participation Agreement.